Random Saturday | iPhoneography

Wow how things can change in an instant. My intention was to have replied to all of you who took the time to comment on my post by now, but something very unexpected happened on Wednesday night. (I promise I am still going to reply and do some blog visiting! I am very excited about that!)

It was a normal day and started off like usual. I have my girls during the days, their father and I have joint custody at the moment and tonight was my night with them. There is a small carnival in town and I planned on taking my girls there to ride the rides and eat cotton candy. It was all my eldest daughter “Sass” could talk about, bless her heart she was so excited. So we go, even though the rain threatened to change our plans, and we had an awesome time.

Both of my girls went on several rides and ate cotton candy and stayed up past their bed times. I knew all that cotton candy was swimming around in their little bellies and they needed some food, so I chose Olive Garden. Both of them just love pasta. And this is when the whole night took a shift for the worst. This is going to sound funny, but I assure you, this was probably some of the worst pains I have EVER experienced, and I have had two children. I put it up there with that.

My girls were all wound up, and I was trying to get one to sit and eat because she was jumping around and the other I was trying to get out of the blinds and sit in her chair, in the middle of this, I took a bite of my salad and the lettuce suctioned up against my esophagus and sent it into crazy spasms. At this point, I had no idea what happened, all I knew I had just aspirated food into my lungs…and here I am with my kids in some of the most severe pain I’ve ever experienced. I sat for a minute to see if it would pass, but it didn’t and next thing I knew I had the whole staff of Olive Garden surrounding me trying to figure out what was wrong. Both of my kids in tears, scared to death. Finally, I have no idea what is going on, it was getting worse so they call 911.

Long story short, I go to the ER where I received the worst care ever, pumped full of morphine and dilaudid along with some muscle relaxers and left in the same condition I went in there. It was just all around a crazy night…..but it does make you think, you just never know how your day will end up. Luckily what happened to me wasn’t life threatening and I am ok now. But your life can be taken from you in an instant….This definitely makes me remember to live everyday like it is your last.

So anyway, the last couple days I have felt like the floor of a taxi cab and I haven’t been online. This is the post I was meaning to have up last Thursday.

I call it Random Saturday (which will go back to being Thursdays next week), which is just a collection of random pics I took with my iPhone and edited with Instagram. 🙂 So with at that, here they are!


This is one of my “things”. I always drink from two straws.


Dislike colder weather, but I love my boots!


My budding photographer. 🙂


She asked me for ice cream and I informed her it was too cold out. So she goes and puts on a turtle neck and a scarf and tells me she is now all dressed for ice cream. How do you say no to that?


Since the bumper seems intact and the sticker is a bit faded, looks as if no one took this person up on their offer…


Seriously, probably the best. pie. EVER!









Even in the hospital I have to take pics…



Me on the curb outside of the hospital at 4am.










Listening to her MP3 player and not wanting her pic taken.


My baby girl and her first ice cream cone!

Thanks for stopping by!


In 24 hours | A Photography Project

First off, can I just say “WOW!”

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to notice I was “Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress homepage bringing in so many wonderful people to my blog. I am truly elated by all the kind words and thoughts left by all of you. Thank you SO much, you really did brighten my day. I am in the process of replying to each and every one of you and visiting your blogs in return. I am overjoyed by all of your visits and I can not thank you all enough for taking the time to let me know you liked my blog, either by a comment or a like. It is truly, truly appreciated.

Today I want to share with you a photography project. A wonderful fellow Blogger named Helen commented on one of my posts the other week and with the visit to her blog, I saw she has some pretty fantastic photos! One of her posts entitled, 24 Hours in Photos 5983 miles apart, gave me the idea to try it out myself, and with her permission, I set out to capture a day in the life of me with photos.

I thought it would be easiest to take a picture with my iPhone every hour on the hour; I even had Siri set all my alarms for me. 🙂 She is very handy. So without further ado, here is my completed project! If you do this, I’d love a link to see your project!

0000-Hanging out in my bed, as happy as can be.

0100-Still awake, that is my view from my pillow looking at the picture above my head.

0200-0700-That’s me being a lazy bum and actually sleeping.

0800-I find my pup laying on my pillow beside my bed. Yes….that is a dog.

0900-Doing Sass’s hair for Preschool.

1000-Waiting on my friend Holly from her driveway below. She is a bit slow in the mornings. 🙂

1100-Checking out pillows at BB&B for my new couch, soon to arrive.

1200-Driving back into my housing community. On my way to pick up my daughter from Preschool.

1300-Getting Sass and Sprout a happy meal after school.

1400-I realized I was “freshly pressed” and I was pretty excited!

1500-I made a camera and Eiffel Tower necklace with stuff I found from Michael’s crafts store.

1600-Getting ready for me to go to school.

1700-“I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight…” All ready for school!

1800-Me LATE to class…*sigh*

1900-Needing all the poison I can get to stay awake!

2000-Using my time in class wisely by replying to my blog comments!

2100-There is a little carnival in my town, I love Ferris Wheels!

2200-Probably not the best thing to eat before bed, but I was hungry. Leftovers from the night before.

2300-And my bed, before I racked out for the night.



-All photos were taken with my iPhone 4S and edited with Instagram


Bring the outside in. | Photography

I love Ikea, And after stuffing my face with their Swedish meatballs (which are kind of odd tasting, but good? I haven’t decided yet), I found myself at the frame and picture area. This is where all of my visions of gallery walls for my house that I pinned on my boards in Pinterest come to life.

I notice a few black and white photos that I think would look SO nice in my soon to be redecorated living room. As I reach for the 15.00 print, sans frame, I stopped and wondered what in the world am I doing? I already have pictures I have taken that will match my room perfectly (and guess what? Free AND a personal touch). Just the fact is, they are all in picture purgatory and I often forget they are there. I desperately need go to through my external hard drives and see what I have in there. It is in need of major organization.

So every room in my house is being redecorated. True to being a Gemini, I decided to do the whole house at once…you know, instead of concentrating on one room in the house at a time like a normal sane person would do.But what is the fun in that?

But anywho, for my entry way I have determined it is going to have the gray, white and yellow theme. I am in the process of painting an accent wall and restoring some furniture (those posts to come soon) to put down there and it is coming together nicely. But in this post, I wanted to share some of the prints I have on my wall. Thank you Ikea for allowing me to remember that I can use my own art for my walls. However, I may still buy their Eiffel tower pic….just to hold me over until I get to Paris to take the picture myself of course. 🙂

These are pictures I took of the outside of my house. I thought it was a cool idea to bring the outside in and it matches the decor!




^^ Don’t mind the stuff all sitting against the wall that is waiting to be restored. 🙂

More Cherry Blossom Fest, 2011-2012 | Festivals

I am not a big city girl. I grew up in a small town that had one stop light, my graduating class was roughly 76 people if my memory serves me right, and our little festivals involved “cow plops”  and were considered big time fun. Joining the Army allowed me to move around and live in bigger cities, which is something I always thought I wanted. But now that I have, I realized that I really miss the small towns (not mine), but in general. As much as I grumble that traffic along Highway 95 is worse than forking myself in the face, living here does have its advantages. One of those such things is the Cherry Blossom Festival that DC hosts annually.

In 1912, Mayor Ozaki of Tokyo gave Washington, DC the gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. The annual celebration is to honor the friendship between the two countries. In 1965, 3,800 more trees were accepted and every spring the blooming of these trees is a sight to see. The entire Tidal Basin looks snow covered in pretty pink blossoms and it attracts everyone to come out and experience it.

When I went out there last week around sunset, all of the photographers were lined up along the basin’s edge with their tripods and remotes waiting for that perfect shot. Most people were out there with their iPhones (as I was, as you can see from the post I made showing some), and many out there with their point and shoots taking it all in.

I didn’t get many shots yet of this year, but I have a few from last year that I will post. Most of the flower shots though are from one of the museums I visited with fellow photographers from a meet up group I am a part of.

If you are ever around these parts during the end of March, beginning of April, I suggest you  stop in the city. It is truly beautiful.


And a few from last year


Rain, rain, rain | iPhoneography

Ahhh the last week was gorgeous. Sunny blue skies, weather that was almost hot, the need to have a BBQ every night, weather that made you know summer was here. Wait, summer? Oh yah, we definitely skipped spring last week and the shorts, tanks and flip flops were pulled out of the closet. I also quickly started to panic that I am not ready for summer clothes! But that is another matter entirely in its own.

But now, now spring is back. And with spring comes rain and cooler weather. I suppose all the budding trees and blooming flowers really need the rain, so I won’t complain…much. But the poor bee I found barely alive on my front step sure will.

And with that, pics from my iPhone.







Cherry Blossom Fest iPhone style | iphoneography

I headed down to the cherry blossom fest here in Washington DC just in time for the sunset. I got more pictures with my actual camera, which I’ll post later, but I couldn’t resist getting some from my phone. I realized I really need a wide angle lens for my camera. I really liked the views my iPhone allowed me to capture. So with that, my iPhone pictures!









My mug-SPP Part I | Self Portrait Project

As the person who always brings the camera to events, parks, daily activities……the dinner table…It has become apparent that I am hardly in any pictures. These days if I am in the picture, I am usually holding the camera doing one of those ridiculous “facebook” poses and I am NEVER in any candid photos. I always watch those crime shows where people come up missing or something bad happens and they show all these photos from their lives…*none of which they are taking the pics of themselves* and I thought to myself….if God forbid I end up on one of those shows all they are going to have are pictures of me doing this!


So I decided I need to be in more pics. And if I am the one to be taking them at least I won’t LOOK like I am the one taking it. 🙂 Now….would I want these pics on a crime show? Probably not…but it is a step in the right direction. ImageImageImageImage

And what the hell since old habits die hard…


This is just part one of a whole series I plan on doing of self portraits.

**Note, I hate to draw attention to it, because chances are some of you won’t notice, but for those of you who will because it will stick out like a sore thumb, do know I fixed it in the original copy and this is the web version only….**