My mug-SPP Part I | Self Portrait Project

As the person who always brings the camera to events, parks, daily activities……the dinner table…It has become apparent that I am hardly in any pictures. These days if I am in the picture, I am usually holding the camera doing one of those ridiculous “facebook” poses and I am NEVER in any candid photos. I always watch those crime shows where people come up missing or something bad happens and they show all these photos from their lives…*none of which they are taking the pics of themselves* and I thought to myself….if God forbid I end up on one of those shows all they are going to have are pictures of me doing this!


So I decided I need to be in more pics. And if I am the one to be taking them at least I won’t LOOK like I am the one taking it. 🙂 Now….would I want these pics on a crime show? Probably not…but it is a step in the right direction. ImageImageImageImage

And what the hell since old habits die hard…


This is just part one of a whole series I plan on doing of self portraits.

**Note, I hate to draw attention to it, because chances are some of you won’t notice, but for those of you who will because it will stick out like a sore thumb, do know I fixed it in the original copy and this is the web version only….**

3 thoughts on “My mug-SPP Part I | Self Portrait Project

  1. Good luck with your self portraits series! I just completed a 30 day self portrait project…at first I found it really intimidating but was really enjoying it by the end!!

  2. Beautiful photos. I usually avoid the camera like the plague. This happened a few years ago when I was going through a divorce and in the photos, I definitely looked the part, which sort of made my already beaten down self esteem a little worse. However, 5 years have passed and based on your post, I am thinking it might be time to start telling myself a different story, that I am beautiful, I like being in pictures… etc. As of the past few years, there are almost no pictures to chronicle my expereinces and I definitely want that to change.

    Thanks for your post.

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