Bring the outside in. | Photography

I love Ikea, And after stuffing my face with their Swedish meatballs (which are kind of odd tasting, but good? I haven’t decided yet), I found myself at the frame and picture area. This is where all of my visions of gallery walls for my house that I pinned on my boards in Pinterest come to life.

I notice a few black and white photos that I think would look SO nice in my soon to be redecorated living room. As I reach for the 15.00 print, sans frame, I stopped and wondered what in the world am I doing? I already have pictures I have taken that will match my room perfectly (and guess what? Free AND a personal touch). Just the fact is, they are all in picture purgatory and I often forget they are there. I desperately need go to through my external hard drives and see what I have in there. It is in need of major organization.

So every room in my house is being redecorated. True to being a Gemini, I decided to do the whole house at once…you know, instead of concentrating on one room in the house at a time like a normal sane person would do.But what is the fun in that?

But anywho, for my entry way I have determined it is going to have the gray, white and yellow theme. I am in the process of painting an accent wall and restoring some furniture (those posts to come soon) to put down there and it is coming together nicely. But in this post, I wanted to share some of the prints I have on my wall. Thank you Ikea for allowing me to remember that I can use my own art for my walls. However, I may still buy their Eiffel tower pic….just to hold me over until I get to Paris to take the picture myself of course. 🙂

These are pictures I took of the outside of my house. I thought it was a cool idea to bring the outside in and it matches the decor!




^^ Don’t mind the stuff all sitting against the wall that is waiting to be restored. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Bring the outside in. | Photography

  1. i LOVE ikea too 🙂 we have one about 20 minutes away and i wander around the shop getting endlessly more and more lost as the day goes by! i love all of the things that you never knew you needed.
    my favourite part is the scented candles which are lovely but second to that is the frames and the images. i really like your photos though 🙂 you could always enhance the photos highlighting or bringing out one of the colours. for example the purple in the lavender 🙂
    i may do this in my own home!
    keep smiling 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment! Yah Ikea and I have a love hate relationship. I have been there like 3 times within the last week already. But you are right, you have no idea all the cool things you need! For instance, there is an “invisible” chair there that I think I want. Where would I put this chair? Who knows, but it could sure blend in anywhere! Funny you mention bringing out the lavender color, my living room is going to be gray and white too, but with a plum color pop. 🙂 Cant wait for it all to be finished! Thanks for stopping by!

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