More Cherry Blossom Fest, 2011-2012 | Festivals

I am not a big city girl. I grew up in a small town that had one stop light, my graduating class was roughly 76 people if my memory serves me right, and our little festivals involved “cow plops”  and were considered big time fun. Joining the Army allowed me to move around and live in bigger cities, which is something I always thought I wanted. But now that I have, I realized that I really miss the small towns (not mine), but in general. As much as I grumble that traffic along Highway 95 is worse than forking myself in the face, living here does have its advantages. One of those such things is the Cherry Blossom Festival that DC hosts annually.

In 1912, Mayor Ozaki of Tokyo gave Washington, DC the gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees. The annual celebration is to honor the friendship between the two countries. In 1965, 3,800 more trees were accepted and every spring the blooming of these trees is a sight to see. The entire Tidal Basin looks snow covered in pretty pink blossoms and it attracts everyone to come out and experience it.

When I went out there last week around sunset, all of the photographers were lined up along the basin’s edge with their tripods and remotes waiting for that perfect shot. Most people were out there with their iPhones (as I was, as you can see from the post I made showing some), and many out there with their point and shoots taking it all in.

I didn’t get many shots yet of this year, but I have a few from last year that I will post. Most of the flower shots though are from one of the museums I visited with fellow photographers from a meet up group I am a part of.

If you are ever around these parts during the end of March, beginning of April, I suggest you  stop in the city. It is truly beautiful.


And a few from last year


Cherry Blossom Fest iPhone style | iphoneography

I headed down to the cherry blossom fest here in Washington DC just in time for the sunset. I got more pictures with my actual camera, which I’ll post later, but I couldn’t resist getting some from my phone. I realized I really need a wide angle lens for my camera. I really liked the views my iPhone allowed me to capture. So with that, my iPhone pictures!









Exorcist Stairs | Sightseeing

I love Horror movies. I do not mean “whore” movies where there is nothing but sex and unnecessary nudity and random killings, but actual good horror movies. Ok, I understand they had that stuff in the original Halloween movies, but these days it seems just a reason to show a little T&A. But I digress, so now I will talk about an awesome classic. The Exorcist.

The Exorcist is still one of my all time favorite horror movies and love the part where Regan back-bend crawls down the steps in the director’s cut version. Not much scares me, but I think if I saw that in real life, even if it wasn’t a demonic, pea soup spitting, foul mouthed child, that I would flip my sh*t. People should not back bend down the stairs, it is just not right!


This back-bend was creepy as hell too in The Last Exorcism


And as much as I like her shoes, this kinda scares me a little but only because of the Exorcist, not the photographer’s vision. Did I mention I love her shoes?


But all of this talk about back-bends is totally not the point of this post. However, we can now make a point on how I ramble and sometimes get off topic a little….even though slightly related….ahem….anyway.

I live in Virginia and not far from DC, though I have only lived here only a couple years. I was out in Georgetown with a friend of mine and we decided to go see the famous stairs they used in the Exorcist movie that claimed the lives of 2 of the characters.

I had to laugh when we walked up and we clearly, even after all these years, were not the only ones there to see the steps because of the movie. I am still very much a “tourist” in these parts, but I for some reason feel embarrassed to let others think I am. I have no idea why. So I kinda tried keeping my “cool” and apparently act like this big camera around my neck was merely an expensive fashion accessory and that I wasn’t there to take pictures of the steps. I even smiled at my friend when a guy and his lady friend walked up chatting about the movies and how, “Regan’s window would have been right here” as he pointed to the fence that is at the top of the stairs. Clearly not a building like depicted in the movie. (By the way, at the very end of the movie, there is a blooper in that they draw the camera away and you can see there is no house there where these guys fell out the window…..)

So I took a few shots while there, and yes, even one of me at the bottom of the stairs like I fell…..

A few days later, that same friend and I watched the Exorcist to excitedly point out that we in fact were just there. Did I mention I am easily amused? So here are a couple of the shots….enjoy. (these have been compressed twice so the quality may be off. Once for FB, then those were ran through LR when exported).


The fence at the top of the stairs.