In 24 hours | A Photography Project

First off, can I just say “WOW!”

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to notice I was “Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress homepage bringing in so many wonderful people to my blog. I am truly elated by all the kind words and thoughts left by all of you. Thank you SO much, you really did brighten my day. I am in the process of replying to each and every one of you and visiting your blogs in return. I am overjoyed by all of your visits and I can not thank you all enough for taking the time to let me know you liked my blog, either by a comment or a like. It is truly, truly appreciated.

Today I want to share with you a photography project. A wonderful fellow Blogger named Helen commented on one of my posts the other week and with the visit to her blog, I saw she has some pretty fantastic photos! One of her posts entitled, 24 Hours in Photos 5983 miles apart, gave me the idea to try it out myself, and with her permission, I set out to capture a day in the life of me with photos.

I thought it would be easiest to take a picture with my iPhone every hour on the hour; I even had Siri set all my alarms for me. 🙂 She is very handy. So without further ado, here is my completed project! If you do this, I’d love a link to see your project!

0000-Hanging out in my bed, as happy as can be.

0100-Still awake, that is my view from my pillow looking at the picture above my head.

0200-0700-That’s me being a lazy bum and actually sleeping.

0800-I find my pup laying on my pillow beside my bed. Yes….that is a dog.

0900-Doing Sass’s hair for Preschool.

1000-Waiting on my friend Holly from her driveway below. She is a bit slow in the mornings. 🙂

1100-Checking out pillows at BB&B for my new couch, soon to arrive.

1200-Driving back into my housing community. On my way to pick up my daughter from Preschool.

1300-Getting Sass and Sprout a happy meal after school.

1400-I realized I was “freshly pressed” and I was pretty excited!

1500-I made a camera and Eiffel Tower necklace with stuff I found from Michael’s crafts store.

1600-Getting ready for me to go to school.

1700-“I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight…” All ready for school!

1800-Me LATE to class…*sigh*

1900-Needing all the poison I can get to stay awake!

2000-Using my time in class wisely by replying to my blog comments!

2100-There is a little carnival in my town, I love Ferris Wheels!

2200-Probably not the best thing to eat before bed, but I was hungry. Leftovers from the night before.

2300-And my bed, before I racked out for the night.



-All photos were taken with my iPhone 4S and edited with Instagram


Cherry Blossom Fest iPhone style | iphoneography

I headed down to the cherry blossom fest here in Washington DC just in time for the sunset. I got more pictures with my actual camera, which I’ll post later, but I couldn’t resist getting some from my phone. I realized I really need a wide angle lens for my camera. I really liked the views my iPhone allowed me to capture. So with that, my iPhone pictures!









Oh Siri, you funny B**ch | iPhone

I had mentioned in my previous post that I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s. I know right? Took me long enough. Honestly? I sat on my old phone for a while because I was terrified of the back up malfunctioning somehow resulting in me losing out on everything. I have so many things in my notes/calendars and so forth, important dates and things I could not replace that I was so scared it was all going to be lost. Now I know that seems totally irrational….but seriously, my luck with technology is not good. I now have 2 back ups of my backups (all my pics)….it is that serious.

Not to mention I rarely like spending ungawdly amounts of time standing in line at Best Buy, so I basically avoid it like the plague. But the new phone has been calling me. Especially since my 3G phone has been threatening to brick on me any moment and I have often had to revive it when it would go into the endless recovery loop mode or the random shut off with the charging symbol mode no matter how long it has been plugged in to charge crap mode…. I luckily though through countless hours searching forums and youtube videos, found two awesome fixes for my usual iPhone situations. Untech savvy girl problems! So really, an upgraded was needed. I had the other for 2 years! That is like an eternity in tech years.

So the other day I brought home my 4s, and lovely Siri and I have been in love since. I also realized she is going to make a great pocket companion. She is like my new virtual best friend who does what I say when I say it and rarely back talks. I like her. 🙂

And yes…..she calls me Ninja Spice…….I am cool like that.


Even by her pleading the fifth, by her not capitalizing “canon” made me know she is also a Nikon fan. She just didn’t want to ruffle any feathers….such a peace keeper.


and other randomness…




Yes, Siri and I will be the best of friends….