Joys of Parenting #634 |My Life

I want to start off by saying that flat paint is the stupidest invention ever. It does not belong on the walls in a home that is inhabited by anything other than ghosts. With that said…

My kids are artistic, and I love that they like to express themselves with their love of drawing. They also must think that I needed help with decorating, because they seem to color on the walls at any chance they get. Mainly my almost 5 year old. It is usually crayon, and even though I have that dreadful light tan flat paint all over my house, the magic eraser usually works well enough to keep me from running down the street screaming, but two days ago, it went to a whole new level.

I was upstairs folding clothes, my youngest was napping and my eldest was “supposed” to be cleaning the playroom on the first floor. I knew she was going to be playing more than cleaning, but what I saw when I walked down there sent a surge of anxiety through me of epic proportions.

I smelled it before I saw it, but there it was. Black fingernail polish! And it was everywhere! All over my white front door, my stupid flat paint walls-upon further investigating-their play kitchen, play plates, bowls, blocks, and their Carebear book shelf.

I sent her immediately up to her room so I could frantically clean up the mess. It was all scribbles, lines of black fingernail polish just everywhere. Cursing under my breath as I scrubbed, I came across something that made me stop and smile. Even though I was furious (she literally just got in trouble for coloring on the wall with crayon earlier the same day) I couldn’t help but think of my sweet baby upstairs. On her Carebear shelf she didn’t just scribble lines, but she drew a picture with the paint, and I couldn’t bring myself to erase it.

I got all the fingernail polish off everything, I did take up some of the paint from the door and I will have to repaint the wall, her play kitchen is like it was before, but I left this drawing.

As cute as this is, I will rejoice the day she outgrows this stage.

Halloween | My Life

I love Halloween. Seriously, I dress up every year. And I don’t mean I use Halloween to be a “Hoe for a day.” Though I have to admit, last year I kinda did (1 of my 3 different outfits was a bit boobacious)…But I really love that it is one day that I can put on crazy makeup, maybe a wig and just be totally weird. I particularly like to be something I can paint my face all up and be something fun.

This year I decided I am going to paint my face like they do for Dia De Los Muertos. I am also going to make my own hair piece. I am pretty excited to get some crafting done for this!

Anyway, here is my rough sketch. I did this in about 10 minutes with some eye liner and shadow. I always do a trial run before the big day! The real product will be MUCH better.

Down on Main Street-Part 1

Hello blog land….I sure missed being here. A lot of life changes happened over the last few months which kept me away from blogging, but finally, things have settled down and I am ready to get back at this. I have done some photography while I have been gone, but not enough for my liking.

-I decided to drive to Michigan with my two little girls to go visit family on the 9th of July. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and she is not doing real well, we wanted to head back before she starts to really forget who we are. While I was there, I visited my old town that I grew up in, Watervliet and I was pretty saddened by what I saw. The weakened economy shows on Main street where most of the shops have big for sale signs in the windows. Even the old grocery store is boarded up. Quite sad to see. While my youngest daughter was napping (as having my girls makes any camera time challenging), I took my eldest with me down on Main street to have a look around. Oh, and before anyone freaks, my mom was watching my sleeping girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, I was able to take a few pics while down there. I have more that I have yet to edit, but when I finish I will put that up as well.

I named this “project” Down on Main Street. And yes, Bob Seger. ๐Ÿ™‚

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage-Photos were taken with a Nikon D7000 and my 35mm 1.8 lens

-Edited in Photoshop CS5, I was going for an old time feel (aside from the colored ones).

-I sharpened for FB, so they may look a bit off on word press.

Thank you for stopping by!


Weekly wrap-up | iphoneography

Holy busy week batman! I’ve been swamped lately with my house, homework and well….my dating life. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have not forgotten about my blog world and things are finally coming together so I will be posting more. Thank goodness, I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawals!

So since I’m in the middle of writing a paper for class, this is just a quick recap of my week in iPhone pics!


























Random Saturday | iPhoneography

Wow how things can change in an instant. My intention was to have replied to all of you who took the time to comment on my post by now, but something very unexpected happened on Wednesday night. (I promise I am still going to reply and do some blog visiting! I am very excited about that!)

It was a normal day and started off like usual. I have my girls during the days, their father and I have joint custody at the moment and tonight was my night with them. There is a small carnival in town and I planned on taking my girls there to ride the rides and eat cotton candy. It was all my eldest daughter “Sass” could talk about, bless her heart she was so excited. So we go, even though the rain threatened to change our plans, and we had an awesome time.

Both of my girls went on several rides and ate cotton candy and stayed up past their bed times. I knew all that cotton candy was swimming around in their little bellies and they needed some food, so I chose Olive Garden. Both of them just love pasta. And this is when the whole night took a shift for the worst. This is going to sound funny, but I assure you, this was probably some of the worst pains I have EVER experienced, and I have had two children. I put it up there with that.

My girls were all wound up, and I was trying to get one to sit and eat because she was jumping around and the other I was trying to get out of the blinds and sit in her chair, in the middle of this, I took a bite of my salad and the lettuceย suctioned up against my esophagus and sent it into crazy spasms. At this point, I had no idea what happened, all I knew I had just aspirated food into my lungs…and here I am with my kids in some of the most severe pain I’ve ever experienced. I sat for a minute to see if it would pass, but it didn’t and next thing I knew I had the whole staff of Olive Garden surrounding me trying to figure out what was wrong. Both of my kids in tears, scared to death. Finally, I have no idea what is going on, it was getting worse so they call 911.

Long story short, I go to the ER where I received the worst care ever, pumped full of morphine and dilaudid along with some muscle relaxers and left in the same condition I went in there. It was just all around a crazy night…..but it does make you think, you just never know how your day will end up. Luckily what happened to me wasn’t life threatening and I am ok now. But your life can be taken from you in an instant….This definitely makes me remember to live everyday like it is your last.

So anyway, the last couple days I have felt like the floor of a taxi cab and I haven’t been online. This is the post I was meaning to have up last Thursday.

I call it Random Saturday (which will go back to being Thursdays next week), which is just a collection of random pics I took with my iPhone and edited with Instagram. ๐Ÿ™‚ So with at that, here they are!


This is one of my “things”. I always drink from two straws.


Dislike colder weather, but I love my boots!


My budding photographer. ๐Ÿ™‚


She asked me for ice cream and I informed her it was too cold out. So she goes and puts on a turtle neck and a scarf and tells me she is now all dressed for ice cream. How do you say no to that?


Since the bumper seems intact and the sticker is a bit faded, looks as if no one took this person up on their offer…


Seriously, probably the best. pie. EVER!









Even in the hospital I have to take pics…



Me on the curb outside of the hospital at 4am.










Listening to her MP3 player and not wanting her pic taken.


My baby girl and her first ice cream cone!

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In 24 hours | A Photography Project

First off, can I just say “WOW!”

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to notice I was “Freshly Pressed” on the WordPress homepage bringing in so many wonderful people to my blog. I am truly elated by all the kind words and thoughts left by all of you. Thank you SO much, you really did brighten my day. I am in the process of replying to each and every one of you and visiting your blogs in return. I am overjoyed by all of your visits and I can not thank you all enough for taking the time to let me know you liked my blog, either by a comment or a like. It is truly, truly appreciated.

Today I want to share with you a photography project. A wonderful fellow Blogger named Helen commented on one of my posts the other week and with the visit to her blog, I saw she has some pretty fantastic photos! One of her posts entitled, 24 Hours in Photos 5983 miles apart, gave me the idea to try it out myself, and with her permission, I set out to capture a day in the life of me with photos.

I thought it would be easiest to take a picture with my iPhone every hour on the hour; I even had Siri set all my alarms for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is very handy. So without further ado, here is my completed project! If you do this, I’d love a link to see your project!

0000-Hanging out in my bed, as happy as can be.

0100-Still awake, that is my view from my pillow looking at the picture above my head.

0200-0700-That’s me being a lazy bum and actually sleeping.

0800-I find my pup laying on my pillow beside my bed. Yes….that is a dog.

0900-Doing Sass’s hair for Preschool.

1000-Waiting on my friend Holly from her driveway below. She is a bit slow in the mornings. ๐Ÿ™‚

1100-Checking out pillows at BB&B for my new couch, soon to arrive.

1200-Driving back into my housing community. On my way to pick up my daughter from Preschool.

1300-Getting Sass and Sprout a happy meal after school.

1400-I realized I was “freshly pressed” and I was pretty excited!

1500-I made a camera and Eiffel Tower necklace with stuff I found from Michael’s crafts store.

1600-Getting ready for me to go to school.

1700-“I’ve got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight…” All ready for school!

1800-Me LATE to class…*sigh*

1900-Needing all the poison I can get to stay awake!

2000-Using my time in class wisely by replying to my blog comments!

2100-There is a little carnival in my town, I love Ferris Wheels!

2200-Probably not the best thing to eat before bed, but I was hungry. Leftovers from the night before.

2300-And my bed, before I racked out for the night.



-All photos were taken with my iPhone 4S and edited with Instagram