Destination with a total CF, a sunset and jiggly thighs prevention…| iphoneography

My night was pretty uneventful. And I’m exhausted so I’m gonna make this quick. 🙂 Here are just a couple pics from the road on the way to class.

When I lived in Hawaii, I had real leis hanging from my mirror. Here in VA, these will have to do.


My immature humor at the number “69.”


I have to take I 395 to school into Crystal City


and the interstates here are just ridiculous. In particular is the exit I have to get off on. It has traffic coming onto the highway in the same lane as those getting off, and it is almost always backed up. This sure isn’t a recipe for disaster!



And a pretty sunset in the DC area sky!



I’ve developed a mild infatuation with buffalo wild wings. Something my thighs are not thanking me for by the way. If I wasn’t so much on a time crunch tonight, I would have gotten them to go. Tonight, my thighs did thank me.


And with that, goodnight!