Weekly Photo Challenge |Mine

I stumbled upon the Weekly Photo Challenge hosted by The Daily Post.

This week’s photo challenge is entitled Mine.

Here is what I consider mine. They are everything of mine, my heart, my happiness, my love, my light in the darkness, my hugs and snuggles, my laughter, my life.



Ink on my sofa!!! Free kid to good home.

I woke up this morning to my two year old bringing me my mouse for my laptop….the laptop I left on my coffee table last night after doing homework until I could no longer keep my eyes open….crap! MY LAPTOP. The bringing of the mouse is not a good sign for my life machine.

After jumping out of bed faster than realizing that the warm sensation I was feeling while laying in my bed is actually whiz from my eldest daughter, I thought of all the horrible ways I was going to find my computer. Crushed, nonworking…all my pictures I have yet to back up! Oh the thoughts were awful, for all of 5 seconds when I got down the stairs far enough to realize my laptop was still sitting in the same position as last night.

Then a sigh of reli…….nope……no, then came the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

There on my beautiful new couch was an inky masterpiece left by my youngest.


She has been writing on things lately that never includes surfaces she is supposed to write on….you know, like paper. Nope, she opts to be Picasso on all other surfaces; my granite counter tops, my flat painted walls *sigh*, herself, my TV and now….my couch. My beautiful, beautiful new couch.

So after having a mini freak out session, I went to Google. Thank God for Google! There I learned that hairspray takes out ink and a few tips on how not to spread it around. Who knew that hairspray could have some tricks up her sleeve and not just hanging around my house for when I want to keep my Farrah Fawcett do in place. 🙂 What a sneaky bish…


So first I unzipped my cushion and put some paper towel underneath and grabbed old faithful and an old white towel.

After getting the ink wet with the Suave number 8 (just sounds cool) I blotted the ink away -DON’T RUB- It will just smear it around. Just blot and the ink comes up…almost like magic. But it’s not magic…it’s hairspray and it works! So glad it worked as said, and so is my child. Now I don’t have to ship her off to the zoo in a box with holes. Really saves me on shipping costs. 🙂



Don’t mind my horrible chipping nail polish….


Crisis averted….until next time!

Light at the end of the tunnel | My life

A lot has changed for me in the last year. When I started down the other side of the road I was unclear of where I was going to end up, but I knew that anything was better than where I was. Aside from the two beautiful blessings I had in my life, I felt like I was just existing.

I made some changes, some positive changes in my life and even though it was not an easy road, things were looking up.

In March I was introduced to a man who swept me off my feet and became my best friend. I met a man who was not only wonderful to me in every way, but also to my two little girls. He is kind, compassionate, understanding, loyal, loving, sincere, genuine and down right handsome!

Every day I am more amazed by him, it is the little things that I love the most. This may not seem like much, but it is just another instance where I realized this man is truly perfect for me. I was making a delicious “Just like Heaven” cake for my girls and as I was beating the batter with my little hand mixer in my glass bowl, I see him reach into the drawer and hand me a silicone spatula to scrape the batter on the side of the bowl into the mix. I know that seems silly, but to me it just made my heart smile because he thought enough to do something without me having to ask.  I catch him staring at me with his cute smile while I make dinner, he stops and gets milk on his way home from work, he reads stories to my girls on the couch while I finish my homework, he cuddles with me after a long day. To me it is the little things in life that make everything so perfect.

I honestly never knew someone like him existed, I always thought I was “too picky” because my “list” had some pretty silly things on it. You know, that list of “The Perfect Man.” I never actually used this “list” as many of the things on there were not deal breakers. Aside from things like, loving, affectionate, honest, handsome -like most people put-, I had such things on there as: likes to read, wears baseball caps, drives a truck, is a tee-shirt and jeans type of guy, likes football, and is tall. You know, trivial things like that. Little did I know that on March 4th, I would meet him.

The last few months have been amazing, though we sure don’t have our heads in the clouds. We have both been around the block and know not to get swept up in lust, this is anything like either of us have experienced before. Hasn’t been a long time, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. I have never fully trusted anyone in my entire life, I have never opened up to anyone like I do him and right now, I couldn’t be happier. It is funny, I almost didn’t meet him…but I have a feeling-even though sometimes I have a hard time believing in fate-that I was supposed to meet him. And he came into my life at precisely the right moment, he is definitely the light at the end of my tunnel.


Turbo Fire Time | Health and Fitness

When I was in my teens and early twenties I could eat 5 Big Macs a day and not gain a single ounce, I didn’t even need to workout. Yah, I would have hated me too. But it was awesome and I never had to worry about my weight at all, I was one of the lucky ones. I was in the military and as I got older and my metabolism slowed I just had to work out a bit to keep those Big Macs off, but still no issue. I was thin, looked great and I thought I looked fat, oh the silly thoughts of our youth. I remember when I got pregnant with my first (before I knew) I was at my heaviest at 130lbs (I’m 5’4) and I was in a crazy fit dieting and working out.

My pregnancy started out fine, I was gaining weight slowly, but my life was anything but real joyous at the time. I was ridiculously stressed at work and I ended up getting Gestational Diabetes which I was unaware about until I was 40 weeks pregnant. I remember thinking something was wrong with my weight gain as it was climbing out of control and I inquired with my doctor several times about my blood sugar levels and was told I was fine. That I was just eating too much. However, there was some truth to that. I worked 12-16 hour days up until a week before I delivered. I was in the Army at the time and I was the only one left in my legal office as the Rear D and was handling not only all of my Brigade’s legal affairs, but working on a murder trial as well, with no help. So I worked a ton, I ate not as healthy as I could because I was in the office from early morning until the sun went down all week long and I was very stressed.

Not to mention I was also almost two weeks late and I was just huge. I gained over 75lbs. I went from my heaviest at 130 to over 200 lbs. I stopped weighing myself at 205, and that was about 2 weeks before I delivered. I ended up having a nice healthy 10.2 lb baby.

Since then my weight was hard to get off. That super fast metabolism I had? Yah she packed up her bags and left me. We have had an estranged relationship since.

After several months of hiding from pictures and disliking how I looked, I started going to the gym every day and went back down to 132 before I became pregnant with my second baby.

With her, life was different and I gained the normal 30lbs. I delivered at 161 and two weeks later I was 143. I started noticing that as the weeks went by I was only going up in weight, and that I weighed more than when I was only two weeks postpartum. Something needed to be done.

So I became active, watched what I ate and started with Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. After two weeks of following the recommended schedule I started doing two of her workouts back to back. By three weeks I was adding in Leslie Sansone’s walk exercises and I started losing the weight and feeling amazing. I then started using Turbo Fire and Insanity by Beach Body and I got in the best shape of my life. I made a lifestyle change, I didn’t treat it like another “diet.”

I remember stepping on the scale and it read 119lbs, and this was full on muscle. I was LOVING how I looked and more importantly felt. I had so much energy. But then life happened again and I slowly went back to old habits. Going through a divorce, raising two girls and going to school full time got my mind unfocused and since I had reached 119, I decided to relax a bit…..or a lot.

Well, here I am a year later and I am back up to 132. Not heavy by any means, but out of shape, not toned, unhealthy and honestly, I am tired of buying bigger clothes again!

So what all this back story is leading me to tell you is that I am starting Turbo Fire again today. I am giving it my FULL commitment. Even though I did this before, I kind of did it my own way, mixed in Insanity and didn’t follow the program like it stated. Did I still get in shape? Oh yes, but I want to see what happens when I really do this.

I am not a beach body coach, I do not get paid to endorse them, I am a real person and it works. I know a lot of my followers signed on because I am heavily photography based, but I am going to keep up with my progress on here too. I feel that this will help me remain accountable. And that if anyone has been interested in these programs and a review from an average person instead of the hoards of websites and reviews written by people who get paid to sell these programs, then I hope you find something here. (However, with that said, generally those people are pretty spot on with their stories and they became coaches to help others as well, I just suck at sales so….I don’t want to take that on. My plate is full as it is.)

So today was day one of my 90 day program. I realized today how out of shape I am -I about died- but I am glad I made it all the way through. I know that within even 1 week my endurance will be up and I will be able to go harder. I will take my photos tomorrow and I took my measurements today. Cringe. But Day 1 is DONE. So I am one day closer to my goal and I am pretty excited about tomorrow.

If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

I won’t scare anyone by posting before pictures, but I will put this up. See that in the middle? I am hoping to never see that again!

1st Pic is before kids.

2nd Pic is 3 months after baby 1

3rd Pic is this 4th of July 4 yrs after baby 1 and 2 yrs after baby 2 and before Turbo Fire!



Turbo Fire Day 1-Fire 30 and Stretch 10

Tomorrow HIIT-15 is on the list. I will probably do something else as well. Stay tuned!

iPhone Friday | iPhoneography

It’s Friday! I’m not sure why I still get so excited, it’s not like tomorrow is a “day off.” Everyday is roughly the same when you’re a stay at home mom. Still have to cook, clean, change poopy butts and go insane. 🙂

Since I haven’t done iPhone pics in a while, here they are!

Happy Friday.














My Girls | Life Photography

My life sure hasn’t been perfect. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, but there are two precious beings in my life that keep me smiling. Keep me happy and I love them more than they will ever know.

I call them Sass and Sprout online. Sass is my witty, intelligent, too smart for her own good, precocious 4 and a half year old. And Sprout is my cuddly, sensitive and funny 2 year old. They are generally my subjects of choice with my camera. Since I have been out of the blog realm for a couple months, I am going to put up a collection of recent photos of them over the last few months. So please, enjoy my little sweeties. 🙂


Playing in Lake Michigan, Coloma, MI



My cousin and I, along with Sass and her little girl


One of the only pics I got of all of us together in MI (with my grandma). I could never get the girls to cooperate to get a nice picture with her.


Saw this idea on Pinterest and tried it out with Sass. I had her kneeling on the stool with the paint brush in hand and I painted in the sky with photoshop.