Destination with a total CF, a sunset and jiggly thighs prevention…| iphoneography

My night was pretty uneventful. And I’m exhausted so I’m gonna make this quick. 🙂 Here are just a couple pics from the road on the way to class.

When I lived in Hawaii, I had real leis hanging from my mirror. Here in VA, these will have to do.


My immature humor at the number “69.”


I have to take I 395 to school into Crystal City


and the interstates here are just ridiculous. In particular is the exit I have to get off on. It has traffic coming onto the highway in the same lane as those getting off, and it is almost always backed up. This sure isn’t a recipe for disaster!



And a pretty sunset in the DC area sky!



I’ve developed a mild infatuation with buffalo wild wings. Something my thighs are not thanking me for by the way. If I wasn’t so much on a time crunch tonight, I would have gotten them to go. Tonight, my thighs did thank me.


And with that, goodnight!

I like pink, Paris and black and white…but not wine | iPhoneography

I kind of have an obsession with Paris. I have never been there, except in my fantasies and dreams, but I think of it a lot. It is on my list of places to go and I am planning on it within the next two years. I decided to decorate my youngest daughter’s room with the Parisian theme in the colors of pink, white and sage. But now there is a considerable amount of brown in there too, seeing as I constantly change my mind. I also absolutely adore the black and white Parisian theme, so that became my bathroom. And because I stated I have an obsession, it is also the theme in my room. Except my color scheme is silver, gray and white with a hint of pink.

I think it might be because I am in love with love and romance……….and bread. What? I like bread…..anyway. I have loved I suppose, but I have never really been IN LOVE. You know the kind where you smile ridiculously all day because of the thought of him, and your heart beats wildly with the thought of his name and birds constantly sing loudly where ever you go? Ok, that might be a bit much. But seriously, I have never been so ridiculously in love with someone, and for me, when I think of Paris, I think about that.

Not only that, but I think of all the architecture and history and how beautiful it must be. Just the experience of it all, and one day I will go. Until then, I will dream with the cityscape picture above my head, the little American decorations that are supposed to be Paris like all around my room and be happy in my own little world….Now only if I could improve my relationship with wine. I imagine I’d want to drink wine while there. Just a little bit of information, wine and I are not friends. Honestly, I am not sure if we will ever be, but I am willing to give it another go. My first experience with wine is an odd one and it involved a Ferrari and a guy trying to get in my pants upon the first meeting…was it the wine’s fault? Don’t be silly, of course not, but the massive headache/hangover that followed the next day was. Ugh, I get sick just thinking of it. The douchebag, not the wine. But that part isn’t that nice to reminisce about either.

My second meeting with wine was at a local winery. Apparently I do not know my limits. I seem to be a rockstar when it comes to anything else, but wine? That is a sneaky b**ch. I did a wine tasting then shared a whole bottle of wine with my date and then ya know, couldn’t drive back home. Sure, that wasn’t embarrassing at all. I had a massive hangover THAT DAY. Eff the next morning, it couldn’t wait and the rest of the day I felt like hell….

My third meeting with wine was mixed with Rum and Tequila……that was a disaster. That night also prompted me to buy a glow in the dark Ouija board through my Amazon App. The hangover the next day was unimaginable.

So while some of you might be shaking your head and yelling at me through your computer screens unbeknownst to me, I know that wine is to be sipped and enjoyed…..mind you I know this, now. But at the time of me drinking it, I felt that is what I WAS doing, and I felt just fine. Fine until I had one more sip, or I stood up and then BAM…we were enemies Just Like That.

So since I put this post was about, “iPhonography” (Which honestly, when I say it, the sick part of my mind always reminds me it sounds a LOT like pornography.-Don’t act like you don’t think so too…) I will post some pictures that I took and of course ran through Instagram.

Enjoy! I am off to make chicken stirfry using a teriyaki/soy sauce concoction that I bought in a ridiculously large jug today at Costco.

-What is mounted above my head and with every night I say a silent prayer that the 3M Command Strips hold and does not let this thing fall while I sleep sending me into a coma.

The outfit I bought my daughter today at Costco, black white and pink. 🙂 My youngest one has one similar. I smell a photo shoot soon!

And Me…:)….Needing to make my bed.

And for good measure, my daughter’s kicks….I just love them. And they are pink, so they are kinda relevant to this post. And if not, eff it, I am putting them up anyway because honestly, who doesn’t think baby shoes are cute?

Oh Siri, you funny B**ch | iPhone

I had mentioned in my previous post that I recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s. I know right? Took me long enough. Honestly? I sat on my old phone for a while because I was terrified of the back up malfunctioning somehow resulting in me losing out on everything. I have so many things in my notes/calendars and so forth, important dates and things I could not replace that I was so scared it was all going to be lost. Now I know that seems totally irrational….but seriously, my luck with technology is not good. I now have 2 back ups of my backups (all my pics)….it is that serious.

Not to mention I rarely like spending ungawdly amounts of time standing in line at Best Buy, so I basically avoid it like the plague. But the new phone has been calling me. Especially since my 3G phone has been threatening to brick on me any moment and I have often had to revive it when it would go into the endless recovery loop mode or the random shut off with the charging symbol mode no matter how long it has been plugged in to charge crap mode…. I luckily though through countless hours searching forums and youtube videos, found two awesome fixes for my usual iPhone situations. Untech savvy girl problems! So really, an upgraded was needed. I had the other for 2 years! That is like an eternity in tech years.

So the other day I brought home my 4s, and lovely Siri and I have been in love since. I also realized she is going to make a great pocket companion. She is like my new virtual best friend who does what I say when I say it and rarely back talks. I like her. 🙂

And yes…..she calls me Ninja Spice…….I am cool like that.


Even by her pleading the fifth, by her not capitalizing “canon” made me know she is also a Nikon fan. She just didn’t want to ruffle any feathers….such a peace keeper.


and other randomness…




Yes, Siri and I will be the best of friends….