Halloween | My Life

I love Halloween. Seriously, I dress up every year. And I don’t mean I use Halloween to be a “Hoe for a day.” Though I have to admit, last year I kinda did (1 of my 3 different outfits was a bit boobacious)…But I really love that it is one day that I can put on crazy makeup, maybe a wig and just be totally weird. I particularly like to be something I can paint my face all up and be something fun.

This year I decided I am going to paint my face like they do for Dia De Los Muertos. I am also going to make my own hair piece. I am pretty excited to get some crafting done for this!

Anyway, here is my rough sketch. I did this in about 10 minutes with some eye liner and shadow. I always do a trial run before the big day! The real product will be MUCH better.

Sisters | Letters to My Daughters

To My Precious Girls,

I love the way you guys love each other. You are sisters and the best of friends. You have a bond that is for life and I love seeing your relationship evolve.  I love that you guys love each other and run around the house together giggling and laughing. M, last night you called me into your room and I didn’t see you two at all, but I heard giggling. A lot of cute little laughs that were coming from under your bed and you and sissy were trying to hide from me. Though you really just wanted me to see you two and the little bed you made with all of your blankets and pillows under there. Your sweet smiles warm my heart and these are the little moments that make my days so worth while.

You two are inseparable and are always are doing the same things. It is really fun to see the way you two interact, especially since you are at different developmental stages. You girls are the best daughters a mom could ever ask for and I sure hope you think the same of me, except you know……being the best mom. I hope you feel the love I have for you, and I love our little life together. So until the next letter my loves.

Love Mom

Light at the end of the tunnel | My life

A lot has changed for me in the last year. When I started down the other side of the road I was unclear of where I was going to end up, but I knew that anything was better than where I was. Aside from the two beautiful blessings I had in my life, I felt like I was just existing.

I made some changes, some positive changes in my life and even though it was not an easy road, things were looking up.

In March I was introduced to a man who swept me off my feet and became my best friend. I met a man who was not only wonderful to me in every way, but also to my two little girls. He is kind, compassionate, understanding, loyal, loving, sincere, genuine and down right handsome!

Every day I am more amazed by him, it is the little things that I love the most. This may not seem like much, but it is just another instance where I realized this man is truly perfect for me. I was making a delicious “Just like Heaven” cake for my girls and as I was beating the batter with my little hand mixer in my glass bowl, I see him reach into the drawer and hand me a silicone spatula to scrape the batter on the side of the bowl into the mix. I know that seems silly, but to me it just made my heart smile because he thought enough to do something without me having to ask.  I catch him staring at me with his cute smile while I make dinner, he stops and gets milk on his way home from work, he reads stories to my girls on the couch while I finish my homework, he cuddles with me after a long day. To me it is the little things in life that make everything so perfect.

I honestly never knew someone like him existed, I always thought I was “too picky” because my “list” had some pretty silly things on it. You know, that list of “The Perfect Man.” I never actually used this “list” as many of the things on there were not deal breakers. Aside from things like, loving, affectionate, honest, handsome -like most people put-, I had such things on there as: likes to read, wears baseball caps, drives a truck, is a tee-shirt and jeans type of guy, likes football, and is tall. You know, trivial things like that. Little did I know that on March 4th, I would meet him.

The last few months have been amazing, though we sure don’t have our heads in the clouds. We have both been around the block and know not to get swept up in lust, this is anything like either of us have experienced before. Hasn’t been a long time, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. I have never fully trusted anyone in my entire life, I have never opened up to anyone like I do him and right now, I couldn’t be happier. It is funny, I almost didn’t meet him…but I have a feeling-even though sometimes I have a hard time believing in fate-that I was supposed to meet him. And he came into my life at precisely the right moment, he is definitely the light at the end of my tunnel.


iPhone Friday | iPhoneography

It’s Friday! I’m not sure why I still get so excited, it’s not like tomorrow is a “day off.” Everyday is roughly the same when you’re a stay at home mom. Still have to cook, clean, change poopy butts and go insane. 🙂

Since I haven’t done iPhone pics in a while, here they are!

Happy Friday.














My Girls | Life Photography

My life sure hasn’t been perfect. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, but there are two precious beings in my life that keep me smiling. Keep me happy and I love them more than they will ever know.

I call them Sass and Sprout online. Sass is my witty, intelligent, too smart for her own good, precocious 4 and a half year old. And Sprout is my cuddly, sensitive and funny 2 year old. They are generally my subjects of choice with my camera. Since I have been out of the blog realm for a couple months, I am going to put up a collection of recent photos of them over the last few months. So please, enjoy my little sweeties. 🙂


Playing in Lake Michigan, Coloma, MI



My cousin and I, along with Sass and her little girl


One of the only pics I got of all of us together in MI (with my grandma). I could never get the girls to cooperate to get a nice picture with her.


Saw this idea on Pinterest and tried it out with Sass. I had her kneeling on the stool with the paint brush in hand and I painted in the sky with photoshop.


Down on Main Street-Part 1

Hello blog land….I sure missed being here. A lot of life changes happened over the last few months which kept me away from blogging, but finally, things have settled down and I am ready to get back at this. I have done some photography while I have been gone, but not enough for my liking.

-I decided to drive to Michigan with my two little girls to go visit family on the 9th of July. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease and she is not doing real well, we wanted to head back before she starts to really forget who we are. While I was there, I visited my old town that I grew up in, Watervliet and I was pretty saddened by what I saw. The weakened economy shows on Main street where most of the shops have big for sale signs in the windows. Even the old grocery store is boarded up. Quite sad to see. While my youngest daughter was napping (as having my girls makes any camera time challenging), I took my eldest with me down on Main street to have a look around. Oh, and before anyone freaks, my mom was watching my sleeping girl. 😉 Anyway, I was able to take a few pics while down there. I have more that I have yet to edit, but when I finish I will put that up as well.

I named this “project” Down on Main Street. And yes, Bob Seger. 🙂

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage-Photos were taken with a Nikon D7000 and my 35mm 1.8 lens

-Edited in Photoshop CS5, I was going for an old time feel (aside from the colored ones).

-I sharpened for FB, so they may look a bit off on word press.

Thank you for stopping by!


Weekly wrap-up | iphoneography

Holy busy week batman! I’ve been swamped lately with my house, homework and well….my dating life. 🙂 I have not forgotten about my blog world and things are finally coming together so I will be posting more. Thank goodness, I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawals!

So since I’m in the middle of writing a paper for class, this is just a quick recap of my week in iPhone pics!