I found some old pictures…because I am a hoarder.

Back in 2009 my hard drive on my laptop crashed. On it was every picture I had ever taken of Sass (my first born). She was a year old at the time and when I realized every picture I had of her, except the small low res copies on Myspace (remember that site??) was gone, I was devastated. Totally traumatized, I left like I got kicked in the gut as hard as anyone could.  I had nothing. I literally felt like someone died.

What about my back up you ask? Oh…well, back then I was a new mother of a one year old and honestly must have figured hard drives were indestructible and I’d never lose one single picture. *sigh*

I know, I know….I should have backed up on an external hard drive, but I had no idea those things even existed back then. LUCKILY with the grace of God and some awesome computer programs, I was able to recover about 96% of the pictures lost. I was lucky. But as my history shows, that doesn’t happen real often. So now I have several external hard drives and have backups of backups of backups. I am a bit obsessed now.

I also now hoard my memory cards. I seriously can not bring myself to delete pictures from them. Even though they are on my current laptop AND two external drives, I just can’t do it. I suppose I still have trauma from that day. If I need more space, I buy another card.

So last night I went looking through some of my old memory cards and I came across a couple of old pics that made me smile. And a ton more to edit later when life isn’t too busy. So if you know me, those may never get edited. But I was very happy to see them and look back a couple years. Here are three of them that I just love. And to think they were just there, hiding in my hoard.


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Smoke Photography

My hand at smoke photography. I lasted all of 5 minutes before my batteries died in my flash. Though one thing I did learn in that short amount of time….make sure the flash does not reflect on the background! But I like what came out despite the flub. Next time I will have more time to play and work out the kinks.




Happy New Year!

Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a great holiday season. I had a wonderful break from school and some time off to spend with my family without the stresses of homework.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to do more photography and to post more. So with that, here is a quick picture I snapped of my girls actually quiet and not fighting with one another. They were watching My Little Ponies on Netflix.


Happy New Year!


Adventures of Elfie, Days 5-6 | Elf on a shelf

Elfie’s great adventure last left you with Sass’s panties hanging up on the TV, and let me tell you…it went over just like I expected.  She didn’t see it at first and she walked all over the house until she finally went into the living room and saw Elfie suspended in her bloomers. She found this to be quite hilarious.

She had preschool that day and I was wondering if she was going to tell the story of the Elf who was in her panties this morning…I know..I was expecting a letter from her teacher too. Luckily, I think we are in the clear.

Since Elfie has been involved in Elf poo, toilet paper and panties the last couple nights, I thought-and so I don’t get calls from social services based on odd stories my daughter recalls-I thought it might be best to lay off the potty humor and go for something a little easier on the ears.

Honestly, last night I was exhausted. Where I usually am up until the wee hours doing homework or something along those lines, I was dead at 9:30. I almost didn’t have Elfie do anything but stay in the tree all night. But I got myself into a little mess and my daughter is excited for the morning to see what Elfie did. So I set up something simple.

I had old stale marshmallows of different sizes up in the pantry. The large ones were real sticky and gross and seemed to melt in the air. I suppose it makes a more realistic snowman and all…it was outfitted with a toothpick nose and marker eyes and mouth. I scattered little stale and hard marshmallows all around and stuck her in the bag. I thought….this is good enough.

MCP_4726 copy

MCP_4723 copy

Everything Elfie does, bless my daughter’s heart, she cleans up the mess. This time was no exception. I suppose since I wouldn’t eat hard, stale and melty marshmallows, I should have known that wouldn’t stop my two and four year old. And it didn’t *sigh*

So tonight I went down into the play room to think of what Elfie could get into. I found some GI Joes laying there along with their clothes. No doll in this house that comes with removable clothing is clothed. Luckily the Joes also come with plastic underwear so my daughter can’t remove them and come asking me what in the world that thing is. She already says the word “vagina” way too often. Anyway…

Turns out Elfie and Joe are about the same size and I put her in his flight suit. Or I am thinking that is what it is. I glance over and see this little basket that came with their plastic food and thought it would work great for a rescue basket. Just need a chopper……And what better chopper than the ceiling fan? Whola…tonight’s adventure. Hope you enjoy!


MCP_4745 copy

Until tomorrow!


YAY! | Decorations Part 1

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I especially love to decorate for it. I used to have  hodge podge Christmas decor, but the more I see the pretty ideas on Pinterest, the more it sucked me in! I did a pretty good job last year, but I love this years color scheme. So here is a glance of what I have going on so far!  -I am in the process of making a bigger star for my mantel.-

MCP_4668 copyMCP_4685 copyMCP_4671 copy

The girls' tree in the kitchen

The girls’ tree in the kitchen

MCP_4683 copyMCP_4681 copyMCP_4691 copyMCP_4687 copyMCP_4696 copyMCP_4693 copyMCP_4697 copyMCP_4701 copy

Happy Holidays!

Just the best pin EVA! | Pinterest

Pinterest has to be the best time killer ever. Seriously, I have the best decorated house…but only online. I can spend hours on that site pinning ideas on how to clean my house and keep it organized, instead of actually cleaning and organizing. Tons of crafts that seem to stay in the virtual realm, and then it happened.

I found the most useful pin ever, and it also involves bacon. See what I mean? You’re already thinking this HAS to be good. Prepare to be amazed! Your lunch will never be the same. Here is the pin (this is not an active link as I’m on my phone).


And here is my sandwich. Told you, your life will never be the same. (Btw, mine is turkey bacon). Yum!