Project Life | week 1

I love to scrapbook and I love to design my own papers and kits. Sometimes I try and craft too much, I’m always hoarding scrapbook stuff yet never get around to making pages because I’m too obsessed with the “perfect” layout. I have so many pages started and I have yet to finish one scrap book. So I stumbled upon this thing called Project Life.

Becky Higgins came up with this easier concept to make scrapping easy, and I have to say it might be just what I need. She sells these kits and it seems so does a ton of other people. If you are crafty you can make your own, if you aren’t and that always scared you away from scrapping, well this might be for you!

So after searching Pinterest for a whole day and her blog site learning the ins and outs, I went ahead and made a two page layout. This is just a digital showing (put together in PS) because I haven’t printed out my pics and journal cards yet, but I’m impatient and want to show what I’ve come up with. I’m also making this post from my phone instead of my computer because if I don’t do it RIGHT NOW, I may not post lol. I get so caught up with things. Anywho, here it is.



The pictures are 4×6 and the little journal cards are 4×3. I’ll print those off on card stock. And once printed I’ll put them in plastic sleeves to go inside of my 12×12 scrap book album. Finally, something I may be able to keep up on due to my crazy schedule.

Thanks for looking!


Halloween | My Life

I love Halloween. Seriously, I dress up every year. And I don’t mean I use Halloween to be a “Hoe for a day.” Though I have to admit, last year I kinda did (1 of my 3 different outfits was a bit boobacious)…But I really love that it is one day that I can put on crazy makeup, maybe a wig and just be totally weird. I particularly like to be something I can paint my face all up and be something fun.

This year I decided I am going to paint my face like they do for Dia De Los Muertos. I am also going to make my own hair piece. I am pretty excited to get some crafting done for this!

Anyway, here is my rough sketch. I did this in about 10 minutes with some eye liner and shadow. I always do a trial run before the big day! The real product will be MUCH better.